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Contrary to what one might think, quartz countertops are not made from the quartz found in the sand but rather, they are man-made products which contain 90% quartz plus an assortment of resins, polymers and pigments. The result- an extremely durable, artificial rock that is now used for a variety of things from bookends to countertops.

Because of its many attributes, quartz countertops are perfect for any room where you want an eye-catching counter but without a great deal of work or maintenance. Quartz, also known as engineered stone, is a countertop that has grown in popularity over the years for a number of reasons. Here are 7 reasons to opt for quartz countertops:

-There is a wide range of colors available – even more so than those available in choices such as granite or soapstone. It has a depth of finish that can’t be reproduced in other solid surface choices.

-Unlike hard countertop choices such as concrete or even granite, quartz is not easily chipped or cracked. However, it doesn’t have the same hardness that some homeowners think unpleasant.

-Because it is a synthetic stone, it is not porous which means that it is better at resisting stains, and will not be damaged by spills like tomatoes, coffee, wine, oils and other stain causing liquids. In addition, Quartz is clean because it will not harbor bacteria or viruses making perfect for both the kitchen and the bathroom.

-If you are looking for a modern finish, but don’t want stainless steel, then quartz is a great alternative.

-Unlike granite which as varying tones and veining (and yes, this what many feel lends to its beauty), quartz countertops will have a consistent color throughout the entire slab.

-This synthetic stone is easy to clean. Simply use a soft cloth, soap and water and you are ready to move on to the next job. Better yet, unlike natural stone slabs, quartz does not to be resealed every few years.

-No scratches will be found in quartz countertops as the product is extremely durable.

These are but a few of the many reasons to choose quartz countertops for your next kitchen or bathroom makeover. And, because it is so durable and easy to maintain, you can count on it to last for many years, and always look as good as new. If you have questions or need help in selecting the right color or cut, be sure to talk to a local countertop professional. They will be able to direct you towards the perfect quartz countertop for your needs and budget.

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People are aware about the look of the kitchen these days. There are new trends introduced in 2018. Though marble and granite are used in many kitchens, quartz is introduced to give the value, upkeep and durability. People think glamorous means granite, quartzite and granite. If we miss out the quartz stone from this list then we are missing something precious. Homeowners liking to have a gorgeous kitchen would really love to have the quartz countertop. Many are confused as this stone has the same luxurious and opulent looks like the other popular natural stones.

Builders and house owners are now trying to have the quartz stones in their kitchen as it is the best and gives the look they would love to have. This stone is now considered as one of the glamorous natural stone available in market. It suits to any contemporary and trendy kitchen of 2018. But some people are not satisfied with the name of this stone but as soon as they look at it directly they mistake it to be marble. It has all the beautiful qualities of marble and granite and impresses many people.

Every Stone Here Has Its Own Beauty

Designers are going gaga for this stone as its glamour can hide many mistakes of the builder. It suits for a small, medium or a bigger sized kitchen. This stone is available in colors to suit the creativity of the homemakers. The value of the house increases and you will really like to have this in your house. The price paid for it is worth the looks of these countertops. Each stone has its own unique color and beauty which will decorate the kitchen. This stone is manufactured by man but it gives the natural beauty to impress the people.

Types Of Quartz Stones

Fossil Taupe Quatz has that elegant and luxurious look. Its neutral mid-tones and the light freckles would give warmth in the kitchen. Rather than bold, this neutral color matches with the light hanging from the top. It suits with dark or neutral colored cabinet and is a decor to the kitchen. The stainless steel appliances give a special look with the taupe color to match.

No one can mimic the natural colors of nature. Fairy White Quartz is the combination of gray, silver and white. People liking fully white kitchen can choose this stone as the countertop. The bright and reflective surface is harmoniously matching with the other colors. This stone is basically white in color with gray and silver tints. The glossy finish gives definition to the countertop. This stone can be used even for small kitchens.

People would like to have marble in the kitchen but they are not satisfied with the colors and patterns of marble. Such people can try marble look quartz. Carrara Griogio Quartz looks like marble but if well maintained the color and the freshness will envy your guests.

There are many look alike marble in Quartz. They give the same luxurious and elegant look. This stone is not as costly as marble and gives the rich look too. Calacatta, Verona Quartz looks just like the white Italian marble with the gray veins. It looks good as a backsplash also.

Pelican white Quartz also looks like marble with versatile and opulent characters. It suits the traditional, contemporary and trendy decors. This stone transforms the kitchen into an elegant space. This stone has a white background with gray swirls. This subtle colored stone matches with the natural wood flooring and other modern furnishings. The beauty of space would grow your spirits and you like to be at home to relax. With white windows this place is the synonym for heaven.

When people are building new buildings or going for renovation they prefer quartz countertops. The builders and homemakers are liking to have a durable and a high-end stone. Quartz is the answer for them. This stone is nor quarried but manufactured. The high-end beauty and durability gives a solid look to the stone. There is no compromise of beauty when it is quartz. An ideal kitchen is not complete without this stone as the countertop.

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Nowadays, quartz countertops are becoming more popular among householders when compared to other surface materials. This is due to several reasons like a wide range of aesthetic finishes, durability, and beauty, etc. This modern type of engineered stone surfacing stands among other surface material due to their robustness and attractiveness.

Unique Technology:

This unique technology actually combines various types of quartz such as resin binder, quartz minerals, and other additives. The manufacturer will get the output as a unique kitchen countertop which is entirely giving different look to your kitchen. Quartz is a mineral found in many places around the globe and they are not stone, but quartz is a component of stone. The process of manufacturing the quartz countertops is very complex.

Choosing the Best Supplier for the surfaces:

Before selecting the best surface for your kitchen, you need to find out a professional and reputed supplier in the engineered surface industry. There are many Engineered surface Colors, treatments and designs available on the market from which you have to select the best one.

There are two ways to buy the countertops, one way is going directly to the store and choosing the required model of your choice. Another way is to buy them is from online stores where you will get high-quality worktops. Make sure you are choosing the secured website to buy the worktops.

So, you have to choose a supplier who will offer you top-quality worktops. One such supplier is Mont Engineered Surface where you will get a range of custom and unique designs of quartz worktops and other surfaces. They stand out in the industry due to their brilliant collections of countertops. Here the manufacturer producing only high-quality quartz engineered surfaces that are unique in their beautiful surfaces, colors, patterns, and shades. Natural stones can holistically transform the way your home looks. It renders a touch of exquisiteness and class to your home.

Mont Engineered surfaces providing their best service in many regions especially quartz surfaces Detroit is one such popular region. This is due to their variations used in the engineered surface to arrive with a unique product. Mont engineered surfaces displayed some of the samples of such surfaces but not the full structure of it.

Differences among Brands:

There are different brands of quartz surfacing present in different corners of the world. Many customers getting confused to choose the particular brand and hence, they should compare different brands to arrive with the best brand. In order to manufacture quartz countertop, materials and machines used are the same by all brands. So where the differences exist between all those brands? The difference between brands set by the colors, patterns, and models used in the design of Countertops.

Mont engineered surface is one such brand that stands out from other brands through highly engineered surface having durability and strength. Here one can get their top quality look through samples displayed in its website.